What are YOUR goals and does it consider any of the following:

   1. Want to become a First Time Landlord

   2. Currently renting and want to purchase the home from your landlord

   3. Not happy with your current lease and want to rent somewhere else?

   4. Plan on selling your home and want to downsize or upgrade in your next home?

   5. First Time Home Buyer wanting to purchase a house

   6. Simply need free advise on your real estate plans

   7. Current Landlord soon to lease an existing property and seeking assistance with

       additional property management support?

   8. Want to start flipping houses with or without renovations

   9. Looking for wholesale investment property opportunities

   10.  Other?


Please consider me a key resource in your endeavors. Feel free to contact me to discuss anything about real estate or other related topics of interest. It would be great to spend time listening and talking to know you better and your goals for this year and beyond. I look forward to speaking with you!

When Tim Murphy is representing you, the goal is simply to live up to the value and principles of "Good People, Doing the Right Thing!" for my client.

It is my promise to you that I will look out for your interests while treating everyone else involved in the home transaction fairly and with respect. This is achieved by means of:

    Advising and consulting you

    Educating and Guiding you

    Involved in the Decision Process

    Employ Judgment and Experience

    When I don’t know the answer, I access my Team when needed

    I will be Valuable and Irreplaceable asset to you



Youth Soccer coach for Eclipse Soccer league

BS degree in Package Engineering from Michigan State University.  Spent 14 years in pharmaceutical industry.